Mónica Santa María - El Último Adiós 15 03 1994 ( HD ) Nubeluz

Mónica Santa María - El Último Adiós 15 03 1994 ( HD ) Nubeluz

Garuda Indonesia - Cabin Crew Unrevealed Story 2

Garuda Indonesia - Cabin Crew Unrevealed Story 2

Garuda Indonesia - Cabin Crew Unrevealed Story 3

Garuda Indonesia - Cabin Crew Unrevealed Story 3

Garuda Indonesia - "Hands" (English Version)

Garuda Indonesia - "Hands" (English Version)

Garuda Indonesia - Cabin Crew Unrevealed Story 1

Garuda Indonesia - Cabin Crew Unrevealed Story 1

Cuidado - Nubeluz (Videoclip)

Cuidado - Nubeluz (Videoclip)

Garuda Indonesia - Arti Kata "Merdeka" Untuk Kami -GAmerdeka

Garuda Indonesia - Arti Kata "Merdeka" Untuk Kami -GAmerdeka


Cast of Palay Ng Bayan

Iklan Nuvo (1999) @ RCTI

Iklan Nuvo (1999) @ RCTI

220px-Garuda Indonesia Flight Attendants in Kebaya

Cast of Robloxiana Krimen Del Japasa: Kdsfkl sdhke Diperkosa

on 1993 vilma santos added the 24 horas but in 1994 was aired the 24 horas beacuse the death of Mónica Santa María . also known as Roblox News Channel was programs it's 13 fully programs.


  1. 24 Horas (But, Sued by GMA 7 due to this)
  2. . knd fsm, da,d smdnajksf sd.m, m (1986 on TVRI)
  3. The Unveraled Story (Was Maded by Garuda Indonesia and 43dsjk studio)
    Download (26)

    Episode 1 2015, Jul 7 (Agnes Sewatian)

  4. WHY NOT?
  5. AVGN: What the f**k (Only for adults).
  6. Roblox: Game Review by Maxz
  7. Roblox: The Next Level by: Jackintheblox
  8. Kapatagan at Lipad by: PAL
  9. High School Love Story (But, Banned on Blox City)
  10. Robloxia Chapter (New)
  11. Kayak: Ferdinand Marcos
  12. Robloxiana Krimen Del Japasa
  13. Ksa ai Klasx? (Win Or Lose?)

was fully 13 but President Jaxk of RoTv on 2020 will add 99 programs.


24 Horas (Sued)

Roblox News

Cerita Del Aasad

Koppasaka Bertia

Bertia Indonesia

Lkaapa Klause

Kladsqa Sekap

Jskdljsiodhas Jask

Bkjdhaiudhkuafh Bkas



Lego News Show

LA-Z Rider (1987 on TVRI)

Lego Nexo Knights

Lego Friends

Hot Wheels Batle Force 5

Jimmy Neutron

Bugs and Me (Garuda Indonesia Presetation)

Legal Issuses

2004 GMA 7 Lawsuit

the 24 horas and 24 oras due to this happend was sign off and on on 6:45 PM Removed due to GMA 7 don't like gma 7.

2014 High School Love Story Banning

on jan 23 2014 and 2016 Shedletsky Meeting on SCTV Indonesia came with RoTv Asked: THIS IS INNAPORTATIE SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! until sign off.

March 15, 2016 Crash

on 7:30 PM (Mainly Error Accdoing to Tv-9 Malaysia). Many Errors from 2005 to 2016 President Jaxk Maybe made from brodcast error.

2014 PAL Criticism

on July 27 the hijack of PAL flight 431 (Former 434) may caused the Rape. Cabin Crew Abigail died and Capitan Gisa died. DPD and RPD Saved all cabin crew and passingers.

1995 Garuda Indonesia Criticism

Acconding to KPD Klause Airport (Kalase Bandara Ft. Japatas Chader Internatisa) 4 Raped due to hijack 3 Cabin Crew Died.

2015 TVRI Lawsuit

The Unveraled Story Was a TV Spot For TVRI,RCTI and SCTV. but Garuda Indonesia hold to RoTv. was claimed R-O-B-L-O-X T-V Klause and Sekap. and GMA 7 was no Destanation in Phlippines Why Said only once problem sign off for 1 day.

Lawsuit Canceled on January 13 2016. was from July 6 2015. was sign on for 8:30 PM.

1999 Commmercial Break Error

on july 23 1999 something went wrong on commmercial break. an Garuda Indonesia Cabin Crew as seen on unknown commercial. RFIL (Robloxian Federal International Law) that says DXM. it means Dantusil Extra. See Errors of RoTv.

1997 Errors

the commercial break is freaky. but Annlee commercial the bones are made-movie called Broken Bones by hacklenk jaskaman. in 1996.

1999 Nuvo Lawsuit

the Picture Still used on 1999-2008 before sued by Jksdfhg inc, Nuvo Banned on Robloxia. can cause Human sexuality

Debuts and Events

2007 Jaks, What thE

2015 Garuda Indonesia and RoTv Sponsorship

2014 ROBLOX Sponsorship


on 1993 Cuiado until 1994

sheared by SCTV Indonesia from 1994 to Present.

Sign-Ons and Offs

on 1993 robloxia Anthem: Kksada Jksad

on 1994 Cuiado

on 1999-Present Robloxian Anthem.

on 2016-present sign-on Hands & Merdeka by: Garuda Indonesia


RoTv Ch 24

RoTv Klause Ch 56

RoTv Sekap 54

RoTv Jask Ch 45

RoGaruda Ch 46 Indonesia